Interracial dating… Yes, we are those people

I grew up in a small town. We weren’t some all white community or anything… But our population consisted of mostly white, black, and Hispanic people. Although there were Asian and Indian (yes, I know India is part of Asia) students, there weren’t very many. I’ve never been shy about interracial dating but dating people of Asian descent is a recent thing for me.

When we are around other Asian families, we get looks. Especially from the older generation. I want to shout- Yes, I’m dating this man! Yes, I love him! We aren’t as interesting as you think so quit staring!

The thing about Asian culture is that it’s much more traditional than white American culture. The concept of a first born, successful son dating someone who is not also Asian is a problem for some families. It’s hard for people who were not raised in that culture to understand. Even harder is the level of respect to parental wishes that Asian children give to their parents.

The reason I tell you this is because my boyfriend told his parents about us today. On the 21st we will have been dating for 5 months. I wasn’t worried exactly… But I was concerned. I don’t know what would have happened if they were against the match. So far they are ok with things… But they don’t know about the kids. Baby steps.


3 thoughts on “Interracial dating… Yes, we are those people

  1. Interracial dating here in the UK has become really normal. It’s not a weird thing to see mixed couples but there are certain areas that I would go to with my ex who is white (I’m black) and some of the disgusted stares I would get from black men and some women like I have betrayed black people or something it’s ridiculous. My parents couldn’t care less as long as I am being treated well.

    I have an Indian friend who is Hindu and she had to marry a Indian, her parents wouldn’t allow it any other way. Some cultures are like that but she was a with a white guy before and her parents were okay with it but if she talked about marriage there would have been an issue. I suppose it boils down the the parents thoughts on the whole thing isn’t it?

    1. Yes, I think it does. I hope that his parents give me a chance. He seems to want to keep me but I would never want him to have to fight with his parents over it. I was raised very liberally and the idea of dating someone of another race would not have been considered a bad thing in my family. However, I understand that he comes from a different culture and I respect that. I love him and hope it works out in the long run. Would you ever date another guy of a different race?

  2. Christopher and I were hanging out a couple weeks ago and somehow the racial makeup of Charlotte county came up. Either it has become more white, or we just don’t remember it being as bad as it is. Harbor Heights has some insane 98% Caucasian makeup. Thinking back on it, even the class I taught in North Port was predominantly white; as was the school.

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